1992 Porsche 964 RS

  • Engine : 3.6L H6 5-SPEED MANUAL
  • Exterior Color : Polar Silver Interior Color : BLACK
  • Mileage : 22,536 miles
  • Stock # : CJ1737
  • VIN : WP0ZZZ96ZNS491737

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  • Comments: Exclusively available at Porsche Fresno, 1992 Porsche 964 RS in Polar Silver WP0ZZZ96ZNS491737

    The 964-based Carrera RS was unveiled in 1991 as a limited-production, lightweight high- performance version of the Carrera 2 production car built to satisfy the many marque enthusiasts who demanded a new and modern successor to the wildly popular but low-production Carrera RS 2.7 and 3.0 of 1973-1975. Porsche produced a total of 2,276 examples of the 964 RS; 1,910 of those were stripped "Basics," also sometimes called Lightweights, designed to be highly responsive street or track cars with no luxury options available. There were also 290 N/GTs or "Sport" models for racing in the BPR GT Group N series and for owners who wished to participate in track events; and another 76 in "Touring" trim, with different and unique seats, full interiors, sound deadening, and luxury options like AC, sunroofs, and power windows, more suitable for everyday street use.

    The new RS closely followed the path of the 964 Carrera Cup racers. The RS packed an M64/03 air-cooled, dry-sump horizontally opposed SOHC six-cylinder modified to produce 260 hp at 6,100 rpm with 240 foot-pounds of torque at 5,000 rpm. This engine incorporated carefully matched pistons and cylinders, Bosch electronic engine management, and sequential fuel injection. Power was delivered via a single-mass sport flywheel to a G50/10 five-speed gearbox with steel synchronizer rings, altered shift sleeves, and taller first and second gears. A ZF asymmetrical limited-slip differential borrowed from the 911 Turbo delivered 20 percent lockup under load and 100 percent lockup under braking.

    The suspension offered a ride height reduced by an inch and a half, with stiffer McPherson struts, alloy transverse control arms, and coil-over shock absorbers in the front end, and light-alloy semi-trailing arms with coil-over shock absorbers in the rear. Anti-roll bars at both ends were adjustable.

    The 964's electrically assisted steering was replaced with a manual rack. Niceties such as air conditioning, power-adjustable seats, cruise control, an entertainment system, and sound deadening and insulation were dispensed with, all in the name of weight reduction. The rear seat was eliminated, replaced with lightweight carpeting. All chassis seams were fully welded, and the 964's steel doors and front trunk lid were replaced with aluminum panels, and thinner glass was used for the doors and backlight. Driver and passenger enjoyed deeply bolstered bucket sport seats.

    This "Basic" example is finished in its original Polar Silver Metallic (92E), with black RS exterior trim, a black leatherette interior with black and grey leather-covered sports seats. The car has lightweight door cards with red RS door pulls and manual window lifts.

    This vehicle was delivered on 2/19/93 in Japan in Japanese spec-

    Polar Silver Metallic
    Black Leatherette
    Controls & Indicators in English
    Japanese Spec
    Limited Slip Differential
    Bucket Seats in Triple Tone Grey
    Front & Rear Stabilisers
    5 Speed Manual
    Airbag Delete
    PAS Delete

    Japanese Service History:
    Delivery Stamp: 2/12/93 67 kms
    3,000 kms Service: 11/9/93 2,741 kms
    Service: 8/25/95 9,952 kms
    Service: 2/8/96 12,590 kms
    Service: 6/4/97 20,041 kms
    Service: 1/29/98 21,531 kms
    Additional Work: 1/30/98 21,531 kms
    Service: 2/9/00 25,270 kms
    Service: 12/15/00 25,270 kms
    Service: 2/19/02 29,537 kms
    Service: 2/9/04 32,159 kms
    Service: 2/24/06 32,415 kms
    Service: 2/29/08 33,140 kms
    Service: 2/19/10 34,479 kms
    Service: 1/10/11 34,648 kms
    Service: 2/19/12 34,861 kms
    Service: 2/27/14 35,053 kms
    Service: 12/18/14 35,715 kms

    UK Registered 2/18/15 REG K338 K00
    Speedo Reading 2/21/16 36,177 kms


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